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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post-Christmas, Post-Childhood, Post-Merry?

A Christmas Stress-ball... How appropriate?
Image via Axell @ Flickr
     Merry Christmas Everybody!!!! Deck the halls, ring the bells, etc... etc... Whether you spent the day with family or friends, at home or visiting another's home, wherever you were and whatever you did, I truly hope you had a great day! Personally, I spent Christmas eve catching up with my Father & Step-Mother who visited, and then had a lovely two days sharing wonderful meals, a few small but well though out presents, and some great Christmas spirit with my mother and brother. Of course me and my friends all wished each other the best Christmas, and Christmas as a community is fantastic, but at the end of the day family is where Christmas is truly at it's best.

     There was something different about our Christmas this year though, as we didn't have a tree, or any decorations. We didn't mourn over the regular Christmas rituals, we simply took it slow. Now, while this could just be a sign of a grown family on a low income managing Christmas, I think it's also a sign of the times... Christmas has transformed so much since modernity, with the influences of retail, sales, and advertising; Technology advancing so fast that a brand new x-box is already superseded by the next Christmas to come; The pressure to buy buy buy, spend spend spend, has never been greater. The cost of living rises at least five times as quickly as wages do... and to top it all off, if you can't keep up and provide for your children on Christmas, well, that's not seen as a failure of the system but a failure of the parent. For kids, Christmas is still a wonderful fairytale, and hopefully that never changes. But, for the rest of us, Christmas can sometimes seem to be a big pressure point that comes at the end of every-year at just the time we're suppose to be able to finally relax.

     Don't get me wrong, I'm not trying to knock the good ole' Christmas tradition. The whole history of Santa and the north pole that lights up childrens faces everywhere, the amazing joy of sharing our love for one another, the opportunity to reflect on whether we've been naughty or nice... It's all fantastic stuff. This year, i was dressed up as Santa Claus briefly for a friends costume party, and had the opportunity to let a small girl receive a gift from Santa personally, and it was truly marvelous! Christmas is grand! But I'm just worried that despite all these wonderful elements, the commercial transformation of Christmas is taking away the 'grander' side of this holiday period for most of us. Christmas day itself is always great... but people are often working (if not on Christmas itself) the very next day. People often start reflecting on their Christmas not by who they got to share it with, but by what they were received, or were able to give.

     So I guess in the end, I don't see Christmas as evil, useless, or anywhere near dead. BUT I do think it's going to be important to stress to future generations the 'spirit' of Christmas, above and beyond the commercialism of the day. I am an Uncle and I Looove my nieces and nephews, I want them to have the best of Christmas, every year. But tell me, what do you think of what I'm saying here? Is Christmas degraded my commercialism, or do you think it's strengthened, stronger than it's ever been? Whatever you think, let me know...

     Now for those of you that are sick of it all together, here's a simple shoot 'em up online game called 'Kill Christmas' where you can vent some of your frustrations as a clown with a gun. And for those of you that are still full of Christmas spirit, and have something left to give, why not give it to someone less fortunate? In early February, for all you fellow Sydney-sider's, The Sydney Morning Herald are holding their annual Sun Run & Cole classic (swim). If your an active kind of fellow than there's still plenty of time for you to register, raise funds, and get involved! After all, Christmas is about the spirit of giving, not the dollar coin and the best brand name....
Merry Christmas to you all! Lets hope 2011 is a great year for everyone!




so true Steve... My family didnt get together because it costs too much to put on a big christmas lunch and because we wernt buying for one another. Its nuts. They all just wanted to do their own thing with their own immediate family instead of all getting together. Yet the presents the kids got ranged from laptops to quad bikes. Too expensive to cook a chook? Absurdity.

Love Meredith x

Exactly! I mean it's awesome that the kids got spoilt, but I wonder what they're learning about Christmas? See, if I was those kids, the message I would get would be a lot more to do with the dollar sign, than that of a special time with family. I'd learn what the receiving was all about but nothing about the giving or sharing... You sum it up well when you say "Too expensive to cook a chook? Absurdity".

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